The ambience of the 17th century with the facilities of the 21st. Staying at Kasteel Slangenburg

   Staying as a guest in a castle is a very special experience.

Certainly in a castle like the Slangenburg, which has maintained its 17th century character to the full. Witness the stylish interiors, the ornate ceilings, the antique furniture, the beautiful murals, .... everything radiates the peace and the splendour of a rich past. Normally you can experience this only in a museum, but as a guest of Kasteel Slangenburg you live right in the middle of it.

The back of the castle - as it looked 260 years ago
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The guestrooms don't have numbers - they have names, such as the Rush Basket, the Chinese Room, Musica, the White Tower. And just as in the 17th century, none of the guestrooms has a telephone, a radio or a TV. The only concessions to the current age are the modernised bathrooms and toilets, the central heating system, de escalator, and the special television room (where you can watch a small number of stations - if you really can't do without). All this makes de Slangenburg one of the most livable 17th-century castles in the Netherlands.

Kasteel Slangenburg is open throughout the year (except for the New Year period).
The minimum stay is 3 days and 3 nights. The maximum number of guests is 30.
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Ambience and Convenience

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