The ambience of the 17th century with the convenience of the21st The House Rules of Kasteel Slangenburg


   The statue of St. Benedict greets you in the Main Hall. Time was when De Slangenburg had more servants than guests, but that age is well and truly past.

Nowadays the Slangenburg is the Guesthouse of the Abbey St. Willibrord, where the monks live according to the Rule of St. Benedict.

As a guest of the abbey you too are expected to observe the Rule (at least to some extent).
This is evident, for example, in the daily routine of the castle, which is aligned to the services in the abbey.

As a guest of the abbey you are further expected klik hier om de rest van deze pagina te zien
  • to dress in a manner that is appropriate for a monastery guesthouse (eg. no shorts or tops);
  • to make your own bed, if at all possible;
  • to go to your own room no later than 11 pm, so that the house is quiet and still from that time;
  • not to use any electrical equipment in your room and not to light any candles (obviously, because of the fire risk in a building that contains a lot of wood);
  • not to smoke anywhere in the castle;
  • not to leave your car in the castle forecourt, but to park it in the nearby carpark, which is managed by Staatsbosbeheer;
  • not to bring any pets with you;
  • that you are physically and mentally in a good condition.
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Ambience and Convenience

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